Airhero® s.r.o. is a limited liability aerospace company based in Prag - Letňany, Czech Republic, located next to Prague's General Aviation Airport Letňany (LKLT). This high technology and aerospace hub represents the heart of the Czech Aviation Industry, offering Airhero® s.r.o. a strategic location, with access to the very best companies, capabilities, and talent, at the very best cost, in all of Europe.

Airhero® s.r.o. is specialized in the development, production, and service of light sports aircraft (LSA).

Airhero® s.r.o. also serves as the agent for highly qualified and specialized OEM products, parts, and applications, for general and commercial aviation use.

Airhero® s.r.o. is committed to use modern technologies when ever appropriate. The emphasis is put on lower possible development risk implemented by simplicity and low-tech to the highest economical degree possible.

Airhero® s.r.o. complements all of its products with comprehensive service, and a strict customer value culture.