Airhero® s.r.o. is an aviation company located in the center of Europe that:

  • develops and produces certified, state-of-the-art Airframes, Propulsion Units (engine & propeller) and associated parts (components, semi products, etc.) & appliances (electronic equipment and systems).
  • endeavors to traverse and certify technologies from other industry domains (e.g. automotive) for use in aviation empowering innovative, new and very cost effective solutions.
  • is committed to use modern technologies when ever appropriate. The emphasis is put on lowering the development risk by implementing as simple and as low-tech as possible to the highest economical degree possible.
  • fosters Aviation by having a truly high level of Safety & Quality and by enabling cost efficient solutions in aviation with innovation.
  • complements all of its products, parts and appliances with comprehensive service, and a strict customer value culture.

This young aerospace company founded in August of 2015 is based in Prag - Kbely, Czech Republic, located next to Prague's General Aviation Airport Letňany (LKLT). This high technology and aerospace hub represents the heart of the Czech Aviation Industry, offering a strategic location, with access to the very best companies, capabilities, and great talent, at the very best cost, in all of Europe.

Our foremost goal is to make the world safer & better, to be helpful and to provide true value to the customer with our products, parts, appliances and services.