11.05.2017 We have done it!

The first flight of our demonstrator plane was conducted successfully on May 11, 2017. After a few taxi tests OK-ZUU34 was taken off the runway in Benešov, CZ for it's first flight.

The picture above shows Gennadi Batsoutenko (right) and Ulrich Dembinski (left) thanking Kurt Unger who was the responsible engineer for the modification program after the successful first flight in Benešov, CZ.

The Sluka will be showcased at the Aero Expo UK initiating the marketing campagne.

This marks a major milestone in the development of Airhero, s.r.o. as for one it demonstrates the capabilities needed to develop, document and perform an aircraft modification program and secondly concludes the development of the Sluka LK-2 and 2M modification kits which will now go into production. For more information see our RMU Kits pages

The next step is the conclusion of the development of the LK-2H 51% Fast Build Kit of which the production will commence in the second half of 2017. For more information see our Sluka LK-2 pages.